Site Traffic vs. Leads: The Difference Matters

April 19, 2017

If we had to guess, we would say that the driving force behind your online presence is to create more leads for your business, right? Of course. The sign of a great website is an influx of quality leads.

However, sometimes new clients come to us saying that while their old website has always gotten a steady stream of traffic, it never delivered them very many leads. So how do you convert traffic into leads?

Traffic is the first step

Online traffic is just a measure of the number of visitors your website receives.

Analytics software provides many ways to measure and analyze that traffic. You can use it to learn a lot about your business by assessing which pages receive the most views, how many of your visitors are unique vs. return visitors, and where they came from – whether they found you from Google, social media, paid ads you have set up, or another channel. It is useful to monitor your traffic to help you better focus your efforts and hone your content creation.

But traffic does not equal leads.

Leads are the visitors that show active interest in your business or brand. They have taken the initiative to provide you with their email address, phone number, or some other form of contact info that will allow you to follow up with them and begin the process of selling your product or services. 

How do you turn traffic into leads? A full discussion would take us down a deep marketing rabbit-hole. Certainly, your website needs to clearly convey the competitive value of what your business offers in a way that’s compelling to your ideal customers. And it needs to guide them to your contact information or a form where they can easily get in touch.

Focus on conversions

For some businesses, your website traffic will hear your message, quickly see the value of your offering, and click on a “Call now!” button to get in touch. A relatively easy conversion process. 

In some industries, you may need to work a little harder to gain their trust and win them over. That first interaction with your website may not be enough to create trust. But you still want to capture the lead and start that relationship, if you can.

One great way to capture leads from visitors who are not ready to click on a “Call now!” button is to provide some content of value in exchange for their contact information.

Whether you choose to offer a quality white-paper, webinar, contest, e-book, checklist, or helpful video, you don’t have to just give it away free. If you’ve created something of value, use it to capture not just the visitor’s attention, but their contact information, too. 

Make it as easy and as enticing as possible for someone to give you their information. Make the asset highly visible and promote it to a targeted audience (more about that in our previous blog) to ensure that you are giving it the best chance for success.

We all know that website traffic alone doesn’t directly generate revenue. If you aren’t confident in the number of leads you are bringing in, take a look at your traffic and the content of your website. 

But if you are targeting the right kind of traffic, and you have an effective, conversion-optimized website, you are well on your way to securing quality leads for your business.


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